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    ANY DESIGNS: Cost Effective : Fast & Easy Construction Reduces Cooling Cost
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    ANY PROJECTS: Durable: ICF envelop acts as weather barrier
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    STRENGTH: & SAFETY Storm, Seismic Force, Blast & Fire Resistant
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    VERSATILE: 5 in 1 System : Structural Wall, Insulation, Air Barrier, Vapor Retarder, Furring
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    UNIQUENESS: Build Different, Build Better
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    ANY FINISHING: Aesthetics is your choice
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    COMFORT: Indoor Air Quality, Sound Attenuation, Moisture Control, Thermal Insulation
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    PRODUCTS: IFORM, Insugreen, Decolite
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    IFORM: Various IFORM designs
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    IFORM: Various IFORM designs
Gulf Wall Systems

We, at Gulf Walls System are an exclusive manufacturer of Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) in KSA. ICF is a novel concept of Building System introduced to the locale by Gwalls; we are proud to present a contemporary technology. ICF is a revolutionary building material having several advantages over conventional concrete forming products.
Insulating Concrete Forms are versatile building material product acts as Stay in Place Concrete Form as well as built in Insulation; it is a Fast, Easy, Green and Cost Effective and Durable building solution. In collaboration with our Technological Partners Reward Wall Systems Inc, USA we are bringing the expertise and decades of experience to ICF Industry to the local market.

Product Features
  • Superior Insulation
  • Eco friendly
  • Quick & Solid Construction
  • Mold & Rot resistant
  • Cost effective
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Fire Retardant
  • Design versatility
  • Durable Structures
  • 5 in 1 Wall System
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