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    ANY DESIGNS: Cost Effective : Fast & Easy Construction Reduces Cooling Cost
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    ANY PROJECTS: Durable: ICF envelop acts as weather barrier
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    STRENGTH: & SAFETY Storm, Seismic Force, Blast & Fire Resistant
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    VERSATILE: 5 in 1 System : Structural Wall, Insulation, Air Barrier, Vapor Retarder, Furring
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    COMFORT: Indoor Air Quality, Sound Attenuation, Moisture Control, Thermal Insulation
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    PRODUCTS: IFORM, Insugreen, Decolite
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    IFORM: Various IFORM designs
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    IFORM: Various IFORM designs

INSUGREEN® is EPS insulation Panels by Gulf Walls System. EPS Insulation is a cost effective thermal insulation product is among the highest priorities in construction. Expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam is a closed-cell insulation manufactured by “expanding” a polystyrene polymer; the appearance is typically a white foam plastic insulation material. INSUGREEN® panel offers a Flame Retardant Insulation.

INSUGREEN® EPS insulation products of Gulf Walls System are available in a range of densities necessary to provide energy efficiency, structural integrity,.

  • Proven to lower energy costs
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Strong enough to withstand pressure
  • Delivering extremely high and stable R-values
  • Water and Moisture Resistant
  • Green Product: Recyclable
  • Fire Retardant
  • Odor & pollution less
  • Light weight & Easy to handle

INSUGREEN® when used as a component in an engineered building system, helps to resist some of the toughest conditions nature can deliver, like rain, snow, wind, dust, heat and cold.

INSUGREEN® insulation panels are manufactured in various Sizes, Finishes and Densities for various Applications.

  • THICKNESS - ANY UP TO 1.2 M (Minimum -25 CM)
  • DENSITY - 15 - 40 KG/ M3

Major Applications of EPS Insulation Panels include:

Building construction (roof, Tapared Panel, wall, floor, foundation etc.)

Cavity wall and drywall base insulation

Exterior and interior foundation wall insulation

Refrigeration (walk in coolers, REGRIGERATORS)

transportation applications : (Refrigerated rail and truck)

INDUSTRIAL : (tanks, vessels)

Facility construction: (pharmaceutical, petrochemical, liquid natural gas etc.)

Marine and Maritime

Insugreen® EPS Panels of Gwalls is made in various sizes and types suiting for various applications. Insugreen® insulations Panels are broadly classified into Three Categories, based on Application and Density.

INSUGREEN-L Insugreen® L are EPS insulation panels are light version for Low Density applications ranging Density 15 – 24 Kg/M3 .

INSUGREEN-H Insugreen® H are EPS insulation panels are Heavt version for High Density applications ranging Density 25 – 40 Kg/M3 .

INSUGREEN ROOF® Insugreen Roof® panels are of basically produced for Roofing Application, External and Internal Roofing, internal roofing panels are available in laminated and Non-Laminated EPS Tiles. External application is generally EPS For roofing sheet manufacturing.