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    ANY DESIGNS: Cost Effective : Fast & Easy Construction Reduces Cooling Cost
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    ANY PROJECTS: Durable: ICF envelop acts as weather barrier
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    STRENGTH: & SAFETY Storm, Seismic Force, Blast & Fire Resistant
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    VERSATILE: 5 in 1 System : Structural Wall, Insulation, Air Barrier, Vapor Retarder, Furring
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    UNIQUENESS: Build Different, Build Better
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    ANY FINISHING: Aesthetics is your choice
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    COMFORT: Indoor Air Quality, Sound Attenuation, Moisture Control, Thermal Insulation
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    PRODUCTS: IFORM, Insugreen, Decolite
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    IFORM: Various IFORM designs
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    IFORM: Various IFORM designs

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) is a novel concept of Building System introduced to the KSA by Gulf Walls System. As the exclusive manufacturer of ICF Blocks, we are proud to present a Contemporary building system to the locale. ICF is a revolutionary building material having several advantages over conventional concrete forming products.
Insulated Concrete Forms are two in one building material product acts as Stay in Place Concrete Forming Product as well as built in Insulation. ICF is a product best suits for locations of extreme weather Conditions.

As a Fast, Easy, Green and Cost effective building solution we at Gulf Walls System, in collaboration with our Technological Partners in USA (Reward Wall Systems Inc, USA) we are bringing the expertise and experience of about 25 Years in ICF Industry to the locale. ICF buildings since the past decade, are an increasing trend in Construction sector of USA, Canada, Europe etc. Considering the intense climatic condition in Middle East ICF construction is an ideal building solution for the region.

Gwalls as Reward Walls - Doha, utilizing the expertise of our Principals in North American ICF industry manufacturing ICF Blocks in our Facilities located at Salwa Industrial Area Doha. Our current Plant is having an established Capacity to produce: 500000 ICF Units Annum in least Exploited Condition.

ICF is a construction solution which creates buildings that are energy-efficient, environment-friendly, sustainable, strong, quiet and comfortable with a moderate climate in interiors. Moreover it acts as an envelope that capable to resists Natural Calamities such as Earthquake, Storm Fire etc. which makes ICF to conventional building methods. Above all, using ICF makes construction Fast and Easy which is beneficial for builders as well as Client.
From custom homes to 20-plex movie theaters, our ICFs that will meet the needs of variety of customers; with multiple product lines, our steel-reinforced concrete walls comes in varying designs and widths implies that our Insulated Concrete Forms are perfect for both residential and commercial projects.

Conservation of Energy is a challenging objective to the present generation, by bringing ICF Building technology to KSA and marketing it we at Gulf Walls System are consciously generating awareness in the society to preserve energy. An ICF as a genuine Green Product we are creating a new Culture in the Building Construction Industry in the KSA.

In addition to iForm® ICFs state-of-the art manufacturing facility of Gwalls produce other two major products in the construction Industry which are Insugreen® insulation Panels of EPS and Decolite® Interior and Exterior Decoration materials made of EPS Sheet. Decolite® decorative items are available in proper protective coatings as well. Our commitment to safety and security ensures all the product we offer are made of Fire-Retardant EPS.

We at Gulf Walls System is a part of National Industrial Technologies, a multi-million conglomerate concentrating in the industrial development of KSA holding prestigious manufacturing firms in locale which is owned and operated by National Group, directed by our Hon. Chairman Sheikh Naif Bin Ali Al-Thani.

Gwalls offers you outstanding products by perfectly blending our skilled man-power and cutting-edge technology. By introducing ICF to the locale we are promoting a new culture in the building construction industry in the KSA.